“This is a fairly straightforward testimonial to write because Sara and the broader Button team are just a joy to work with. Starting with a deep rooted understanding of the Warner’s brand, its consumer base and the media/ influencer touchpoints that will help us grow, they’re consistently creative in their approach, responsive to all requests (no matter how random) and appropriately pushy, both from the perspective of relentlessly chasing down opportunities but also with us as a client to ensure that we’re giving them what they need, when they need it, to allow them to do their job to the best of their ability. Their connections through the media and influencer world are second to none, and the relationships they build are personal and enduring, built on credibility and trust. For me, one of the most important traits for any agency is flexibility, and not wasting time being over-protective of an idea, but instead being adaptable and spending that time working hard to make the idea fit a brief that may have evolved, and Button do this brilliantly, which leads to far stronger and better aligned outcomes.”

Peter Fairbrother, Marketing Director, Warner’s Distillery


“I have worked with many Press and PR agencies and The Button Collective has been one of the most impressive to date. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and have no hesitation in making recommending them. The Button Collective has worked for the Crafts Council for two years and as a large part of the brief, the agency was engaged to take over running the PR campaign for the Crafts Council’s annual event; Collect, the International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design.

They approached it with enthusiasm and insight running a very successful campaign for the 2019 Fair exceeding targets, securing articles and listings in high profile publications both online and in print. For 2020, Button supported the Crafts Council and the Collect team through the Fair’s major move to a new venue, Somerset House, for its 16th edition. Once again, Sara and her team exceeded targets in raising the profile of Collect, attracting attendees to the fair and promoting high-end craft to new audiences.

I worked most closely with the senior team who are consummate professionals and apply an intelligence and creativity to their work. Between them they have excellent long-standing relationships with many media contacts and work hard to find new angles and stories to attract engagement, along with establishing a wonderfully good natured and enjoyable working client relationship.”

Isabel Dennis, Fair Director, Collect, The International Art Fair for Modern Craft & Design


“Mexico’s best-selling ultra-premium tequila, Maestro Dobel had very little awareness in the UK outside of the on-trade until we started working with Button – they have provided invaluable counsel and connections, while generating impressive outcomes in premium lifestyle quickly. The campaign platform they’ve created also opens doors for us commercially and has been admired by our other markets. They’re proactive, fleet of foot and know what they’re doing – and, having worked with Sara previously when I was at Pernod Ricard, am enjoying our partnership again.”

Scott Nicholls, Marketing Manager, Proximo Spirits UK & Ireland


“I met Sara at an event she was managing and was immediately drawn to her classy but approachable manner. I was doubly impressed by her thoughtful values, which were confirmed once we started working together on a few projects dear to my heart. We produce a very high end wine and operate an eco-luxury hospitality venue, and have worked very hard to be pioneers in sustainable viticulture and winemaking, so I wanted a partner to collaborate with who genuinely shared these values and understood not just the drinks business but also the new frontier of sustainable luxury.

The wine world can be a bit of a self-involved echo chamber and she brought fresh contacts and ideas that I found very complementary to my own. I also had a good experience with the more junior people on the team, who in some other PR companies I had felt were really not able to pull their weight or add value. Lastly, I really appreciated her gentle-but-firm way of getting me to think ahead about deadlines and be proactive, which really helped us achieve a number of positive outcomes that I wouldn’t have managed to focus on by myself.”

Nicole Rolet, Principal of Chêne Bleu Wine


“Button sought us out when we were a fledgling business but clearly had an eye for the zeitgeist and an appetite to encourage clients to take a more original and distinctive approach to their communications. Over the two years of working with them, first as a client to their client and then through engaging them to work with us on our own strategic communications, we have been impressed by their calm, diligent, creative and dogged approach. They have a good eye for detail, depth of experience in strategic communications, and have provided us with both a sounding board for less experienced members of our comm.s team and delivered some strong PR coverage. I would say that their depth of experience of working with FMCG & luxury brands would provide an invaluable perspective on ensuring that refreshed messaging can deliver to an intended audience.”

Natalie Melton, Co-Founder of The New Craftsmen


“We have worked with Sara, and the team at Button PR for a couple of years and have been consistently impressed with their ability to do big picture, strategic thinking alongside doing smaller, one off projects. Most recently, they have worked with us on carrying out an in-depth media audit, using their impressive network of relevant and influential influencers, alongside detailed desk analysis to understand the challenges and opportunities facing our brand. The quality and quantity of data produced is informing our vision and communication strategy for the future, encouraging us to review our existing messaging and develop a more relevant stand out positioning. Button, and Sara in particular, have really taken the time over the time we have worked together, to totally understand our aims and challenges. This plays out every time we meet, with insightful research and anecdotes presented at all times, pushing us to constantly improve what we do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sara and her team.”

Ceri Aiken, Communications Manager at Caffè Nero


“On an extremely short run-up Button gave our campaign for China in Print real momentum and we were impressed with what was achieved for us out of London and Hong Kong. They focused on what was realistic while also being ambitious and so enthusiastic about our rare book fair – which resulted in some real, tangible results that found their target and impressed our clients and exhibitors. Some forethought and good advice for this year’s event meant we were already building towards 2018 while at work on 2017. The team was always so swift that it was us trying to keep up with them! We are now looking forward to this year knowing that we can rely on Button, and we would be confident in recommending the team to our colleagues and clients.”

Joanne Skeels, Bernard Quaritch & Director of China in Print Fair


“Sara was instrumental in defining and articulating what the ETHAN K brand stands for and launching it in the UK, right from the beginning. Her understanding of luxury and connections in the media and retail are second to none – she opened doors for me at Harrods and in Paris, for example. Her commitment and passion to being a true commercial partner is formidable.”

Ethan Koh, founder of Ethan K


“Button has provided consultancy on both revenue streams and CRM. Button also works closely with myself and the wider in-house team in giving guidance on navigating opportunities and elevating how we share what we do to wider audiences. Sara Jensen has a deep understanding and passion for the work we do as artisans and has been incredibly helpful in conveying our point of difference and in defining compelling stories around the skills, service and end product we offer that has helped bring in new customers, including international.”

Said Cyrus, Co-founder and Creative Director of Catherine Walker & Co


“During my time at Chivas Brothers (Pernod Ricard), I had the pleasure of working with Button Collective on several projects. From the all-encompassing global launch of Chivas 18 by Pininfarina to strategic consultation on brand toolkits, Button proved an invaluable support. Their passion and in-depth understanding of the luxury industry ensured we delivered global activations that captured the attention of an important media audience; with fantastic results that were always on-brand and on-message. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Button to anyone looking for bespoke communications support on luxury brands.”

Carla Webb, Marketing Consultant


“Button PR brings a great blend of creativity, originality and strategic thinking while being connected to both the brand and the realities of the market we operate in. Button ran a successful campaign for us over two years, and was flexible and open enough to work to a very different brief in the third year, taking a holistic view of the marketing challenges. It has a knack for knowing what will and won’t work, asking the right questions and getting great results. They are very open in their thinking and work hard to understand and meet priorities.”

Daniel Wheeler, Marketing Manager, Munch Bunch Yogurts, Lactalis Nestlé


“Sara was instrumental in setting the direction for the Aussie Haircare brand when we worked together for many years while I was at P&G. She has always been entrepreneurial in her approach to building and refreshing brands which was why I was so keen to award Button one of its first pieces of business in Lactalis Nestlé Chilled Dairy. Her passion and focus in delivering great results is formidable.”

Michael Inpong, Global Marketing Director, Müller Dairy

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